CLINT at the 11th SISC Conference!

CLINT at the 11th SISC Conference!

Next week, the CLINT project will be presented at the SISC Annual Conference “Mission Adaptation! Managing the risk and building resilience”, taking place on November 22nd-24th, 2023, in Milan, at the Regione Lombardia premises.

The Conference aims to connect leading scientists, researchers, economists, practitioners, business leaders, and policymakers, whose activities are focused on different aspects of climate change, its impacts and related policies. The Conference is an important interdisciplinary platform for presenting new advances and research results in the science and management of climate change.

List of CLINT contributions

  • Andrea Castelletti (POLIMI) – “CLImate INTelligence: Extreme events detection, attribution and adaptation design using machine learning” – Presentation – Author(s): A. Castelletti and the CLINT consortium 
  • Guido Ascenso (POLIMI) – “Enhancing tropical cyclone rainfall reanalysis and forecasts for anticipatory action using deep learning” – Presentation – Author(s): G. Ascenso, A. Ficchì, M. Giuliani, E. Scoccimarro, L. Cavicchia, L. Magnusson, A. Castelletti 
  • Filippo Dainelli (POLIMI) – “Synthetic generation of extra-tropical cyclones’ fields with generative adversarial networks” – Presentation -Author(s): F. Dainelli, R. Taormina, G. Ascenso, E. Scoccimarro, M. Giuliani, A. Castelletti 
  • Martina Merlo (POLIMI) – “A pan-European analysis of drought events and impacts” – Poster – Author(s): M. Merlo, M. Giuliani, Y. Du, I. Pechlivanidis, A. Castelletti 
  • Matteo Giuliani (POLIMI) – “Leveraging climate data at different spatial scales via machine learning to improve subseasonal drought predictions” – Presentation – Authors: M. Giuliani, C. Bertini, F. Bosso, D. Solomatine, S.J. van Andel
  • Leone Cavicchia (CMCC) – “Tropical cyclone genesis potential indices in a new high-resolution climate models ensemble: Limitations and way forward” – Presentation – Author(s): L. Cavicchia, E. Scoccimarro, G. Ascenso, A. Castelletti, M. Giuliani, S. Gualdi 
  • Ronan McAdam (CMCC) – “Monitoring & Forecasting of Marine Heatwaves in the Mediterranean Sea” – Presentation – Author(s): R. McAdam, S. Masina, S. Gualdi, H. Dayan, M. Juza, G. Bonino,S. Speich, E. Clementi, E. Scoccimarro 

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