The European 2022 summer: context and predictability

The European 2022 summer: context and predictability


David Barriopedro (CSIC), Carmen A. Castro (CMCC), Arthur Hrast Essenfelder (JRC), Linus Magnusson (ECMWF), Enrico Scoccimarro (CMCC), Andrea Toreti (JRC), Veronica Torralba (CMCC), Elena Xoplaki (JLU), and Eduardo Zorita (Hereon)


Andrea Francesco Castelletti, Politecnico di Milano


This past summer, Europe experienced an extreme and long-lasting heatwave, with record-breaking temperatures in most regions. Not only scientists, but also the civil society is now realising how climate extremes are increasingly frequent and hard to predict and the severity of their impacts on different socio-economic sectors, as well as on population health and safety. The CLINT project ( is developing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) framework composed of Machine Learning techniques and algorithms to process big climate datasets for improving Climate Science in the detection, causation, and attribution of Extreme Events (EEs), namely tropical cyclones, heatwaves and warm nights, droughts, and floods. The CLINT AI framework is also aimed at covering the quantification of the extreme events impacts under historical, forecasted, and projected climate conditions, and across different spatial scales (from European to local), developing innovative and sectorial AI-enhanced Climate Services and, finally, operationalizing them into Web Processing Services. In this webinar, the CLINT partners – experts coming from climate leading institutions in Europe – will contribute an overview of the summer 2022 extreme event, first providing a climate reconstruction of the last 2 millenia, to then show the predictability and forecasts of this past summer at the seasonal and sub-seasonal scale, and, finally, discuss drought risk monitoring in Europe.


  • The summer 2022 extreme event in the context of the last 2 millennia: simulations, reconstructions and reanalysis
    Elena Xoplaki, Andrea Toreti, Eduardo Zorita, and David Barriopedro
  • Predictability of the 2022 extreme summer at the seasonal scale
    Veronica Torralba, Carmen A. Castro, and Enrico Scoccimarro
  • Sub-seasonal forecast for European summer 2022
    Linus Magnusson
  • A summer of extremes: drought risk monitoring in 2022
    Arthur Hrast Essenfelder and Andrea Toreti

7 October 2022 – h 14:30 pm CEST
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