Bridging the knowledge gap: fill in the survey

Bridging the knowledge gap: fill in the survey

CLINT Climate Intelligence project launched a Climate Services User Survey to contribute to the large efforts on bridging the knowledge gap between climate service providers and users.

The project invites climate service users and all the actors that are interested in using climate predictions and climate data, to fill in the survey. The answers are very valuable and will help the CLINT team to better understand the regional, national and continental contexts and user needs, and finally improve the basis upon which long-term decisions are made.

CLINT aims to promote the detection, prediction and attribution of extreme events, as well as the quantification of their impacts, providing support to users and local decision-makers for the implementation of timely and effective adaptation and/or mitigation measures.

The survey should take a maximum of 15 minutes to answer. It does not collect and store personal information that can identify the respondents, the answers are anonymous in accordance with the rules of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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