European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts


ECMWF's principal objectives are the preparation, on a regular basis, of medium-range and long-range weather forecasts for distribution to the meteorological services of the Member States, the development of scientific and technical research directed to the improvement of these forecasts, and the collection and storage of appropriate meteorological data ECMWF’s strategy includes the principal goals to provide reliable forecasts of severe weather across the medium-range and high-quality, near-surface forecast products focusing on areas such as precipitation, wind and temperature. Within CLINT, ECMWF is mainly bringing expertise on Extreme Event detections, with a focus on Tropical Cyclones, and on Climate Information Services.

Dr. Linus Magnusson<br><a href="" target="_blank"><i class="pixicon-twitter"></i></a>

Dr. Linus Magnusson
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Dr. Rebecca Emerton
Prof. Florian Pappenberger

Prof. Florian Pappenberger